The Agency Logo

We have rebranded!

We have changed over these last few years. In some ways, not exactly what you would call by design — in others, our approach has matured in a way that really can only happen as a result of being around for the best part of 20 years. 

The work we do has always been brand led – over and above over anything else. Demonstrating that we see the big picture rather than just producing ‘nice design’ alone has been fundamental to how we win work and take clients forward. We have found ourselves overseeing the rollout of brands globally, supporting international brand agencies to turn high level brand concepts into everyday comms that can define, add value and represent in the most effective ways. 

We originate brands too and have been involved with the conversations that define strategies, foster innovation and generate business. So, when it comes then to the marketing and ongoing communications, we focus on bringing big thinking to everyday business communication of all kinds, to strengthen brands by helping them find the balance between creative vision and the reality of business activity. When we know a brand inside and out, we are in a fantastic position to then create the material and comms businesses rely on every day. 

We have never restricted ourselves to working with specific sectors, choosing instead to immerse ourselves into whatever our clients need, talking the time to understand products, services, challenges and audiences before diving in. Some agencies prefer to work in very specific sectors and that is fine, it’s just not for us, as we see the power a diverse experience set can bring.

One day we’ll be creating a complete Brand Platform for one of the UK’s most important technology businesses, the next; how a school hall could promote healthy eating… We love that challenge and are experienced enough to rise to whatever it may be. As we move forward, we want our brand to represent that maturity, our accomplishments, the diversity of the sectors we are working in and the variety of work we create. 

We wanted to create an identity that represented our flexibility. How we shape ourselves to better suit our customers. An ident that could change as we do and to connect with businesses in a broad range of sectors. To evolve as we do, without losing the essence of what makes us who we are. 

Our new identity achieves that.



Agency design lead, Chris, says; 

“It’s a really clever creative solution that is much bolder than our previous ident and that’s a good thing. It is a busy market and we need to demonstrate our creativity from the outset. The logo and its abstract letter forms can work together or independently, as a holding device or framework. It allows endless fluidity and flexibility in application that will keep it fresh for a long time to come without losing the all-important ‘instantly recognisable’ aspect. The colours can change and the associated imagery embedded to suit whoever we are talking to without losing the feel. It’s a real triumph so far that we are all super proud to finally release in to the wild and continue to work with”.

We hope you like the new look – drop us a line and let us know. All feedback can be positive! For now, we are excited to get this out there and to keep moving forward.

If you have an identity that needs a refresh, or an injection of creativity just get in touch and let’s see if we can help you find a way forward.

If you are looking to give your brand or marketing a boost we can help. Why not give us a call on 0121 224 8300 or email: