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Correla are one of the UK’s most important technology businesses, delivering essential SaaS technologies and managed services throughout the energy sector. 

Correla formed as an independent entity in 2021 after the business was strategically separated from Xoserve. Building on decades of energy industry expertise, Correla bring innovative technology platforms and services to a wider market. They had originally worked with an international agency to establish the name and identity to get them out of the gate, but came to us after finding their feet and looking for support to align the internal vision for the brand with external perception while creating a more unified and sophisticated look overall.
We created a comprehensive Brand Platform to govern the foundations of future marketing material. We refined key messaging to make it more justifiable and relevant to business objectives. We created a core brand positioning statement; ‘Powering Change’, that was both aspirational and unifying and worked to underpin product messages and direct the trajectory of the business more generally.
Further to the messaging we developed a more sophisticated visual style that worked more effectively for the expectations of the market. We sourced new images and explored a new design direction to elevate the brand. We developed new literature at company and product levels, along with other key documents to launch the brand internally, to customers and support sales.
As part of this brand evolution project, we renamed the product portfolio, deploying a more conceptual approach that served to differentiate the products internally and to new customers. This re-naming aspect of the product portfolio was key in both abandoning the previous iconography/abbreviated approach, but also in helping to ensure buy-in from the internal teams and give them confidence to move forwards with confidence from their Xoserve roots.  
Since the brand launched, we have had nothing but positive feedback from the team – feeling the work has really elevated the business and moved them further on the journey of independence. We’re really pleased to have taken a fairly basic set of guidelines and properly brought them to life and added value with some really key additions. We have addressed not only the visual language of Correla but helped them to make a massive cultural shift amongst their staff by giving them real ownership of their brand and where it can go – and that bodes very well for them as they move forwards and grow.

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